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No profits, no loans: How to survive

November 9, 2009: 5:18 PM ET

Finding alternative revenue streams is a necessity for business owners trying to weather the recession.

Kyle, Sarasota, Fla.
We've run a dinner theater for three decades, and make most of our money during the tourist season between Thanksgiving and Easter. The rest of the year our audience is local residents. We've been operating at a loss for the last couple of years, and are unable to get a bank loan. We own the land and the theater building, and have put them up for sale with no success. We even closed the theater for two months this summer to save money. We don't know what to do.


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  • Outside-the-box marketing

    Jesse Placencia, Photogenic Arts, Fort Worth
    I own a small photography business and I am looking to try and reach a large market cost effectively. I have tried sites like and placing ads in newspapers but it's just not working. When using Craigslist, people are too cheap and when using newspapers advertising costs are too expensive to keep the ad going consistently. I was wondering if anyone out there can MORE

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    An entrepreneur's query: Can I write off expenses for a roving business office?

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  • Can I get a loan after bankruptcy?

    Dayzon Johnson, CEO, Ice Cold Music, Clarksville, Tenn.
    I own an independent record label that I started two years ago. It's growing quickly, and I'd like to get a bank loan to help me expand. But I have a bankruptcy on my personal credit record. Will this make it impossible for me to get bank credit for my business?

    Sep 30, 2008 9:35 AM ET
  • An entertainment business eyes worldwide expansion

    Should this owner seek out international investors to grow his business?

    Jean Luc Gaudry, Los Angeles
    I have a unique music Web site on which one can find listings of shows, bands on tour, clubs and venues. I have two questions. I am looking for some investors - what are the biggest mistakes entrepreneurs make when they decide to add an investor to their company? Also, I want to MORE

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    Sid Smith, The International Art Materials Trade Association, Huntersville, N.C. As an avid reader of Fortune Small Business, I zeroed right in on the March 2008 story "Goodbye Language Barrier?," only to be disappointed in the answer, that current software packages are still very poor in doing electronic translations into other languages. MORE

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  • What is my business worth?

    Reader Claire wants to sell her piano school. Do you have any advice for Claire? Share it here.

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